Intro to B.A.N.K.

Communication and Sales Webinar for Sales Teams, Team Leaders and Business Owners! Learn the World’s only methodology scientifically validated to predict buying behaviour (or Yes behaviour) in less than 90 seconds.

Learn how to communicate with more influence so you can strengthen teams, find more prospects and close sales faster. Developed for leaders as aspiring professionals in Network Marketing, Real Estate, Financial Services, Hospitality and more… who valueserving their clients in a deep way and setting themselves apart from  their competition. Learn how to communicate

Companies spend thousands of hours and millions of dollars teaching their people how to sell.
Instead of answering the only question that impacts the bottom line:




During this training you will learn:

  • The step-by-step system to find more qualified prospects and close sales faster.
  • The secret to making sales fun and dramatically more profitable.
  • How to be authentic and help more people by respecting who they are and what they value most.
  • Learn the science behind buying behavior (or yes behavior) and the cutting edge technology that is helping our customers increase their sales up to 300% or more!

You will be trained by the following Certified and Licensed B.A.N.K. Trainers

Level 4 Certified B.A.N.K. Trainer since 2015

Stephanie is a classically-trained singer turned voice, presentation and sales coach.  She moved to New York City and performed in operas, musical and cabaret before creating her business, The Empowered Voice.  For over 20 years, she has helped singers, speakers and business professionals leverage their voice for more influence, authentic connections and increased sales.  She is an award-winning Level 4 Certified and Licensed trainer of the B.A.N.K. methodology.   She was named the B.A.N.K. Action Icon of 2017 and consistent top earner in the company (#1 Trainer for 2020).  She utilizes powerful systems and cutting-edge personality coding technology to train 6-figure coaches, speakers, trainers and sales teams how to close more sales in less time. Whether performing on stages or speaking in the boardroom, Stephanie’s mission is to help people be the voice of their passions.

Level 2 Certified Trainer since 2019

Deborah brings more than 29 years of experience as founder and CEO of Charter Accounting and Tax Service – a CPA firm based in Atlanta Georgia with clients all over the country. Deborah brings a unique blend of financial expertise, real world authenticity and practicality to help her clients really understand and master the whole money equation. Her goal is to help clients Make More Money, Keep More Money and Grow More Money.

As a Licensed and Certified B.A.N.K. Trainer, she has applied the principals of B.A.N.K. to serve and support her clients with growing their wealth.  Deborah’s goal is to change the Money conversation especially for Women – to support her belief that when one of us prospers, we all do.

About the creator of B.A.N.K.TM and
the World’s Leading Expert in Personality Based Sales Training, Cheri Tree

Cheri Tree is the Founder and CEO of BANKCODE™ and the author and creator of B.A.N.K.™  With more than 20 years of experience in sales and a multi million dollar income, Cheri Tree used the B.A.N.K. system to grow her annual income from $72,000 to over $500,000 in just 12 months and to over $1 Million within three years. A recipient of numerous awards, she is best known for her record of taking her sales income from $8,000 to $261,000 in just 28 days! As a celebrity speaker and trainer, Cheri teaches the B.A.N.K. system to top sales organizations worldwide. Cheri is a featured keynote speaker at conferences around the world, and has shared the stage with other celebrity speakers, including Les Brown, Robert Kiyosaki, and Sir Richard Branson. In addition, Ms. Tree has spoken and lectured about the genius of B.A.N.K. at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Alumni Network and at Harvard University.

What people are saying about BANK

“My company , ClubCorp USA,  hosted our North Division Regional Meeting at Chantilly National Golf & Country Club. We brought together all of our Private Event Directors, Membership Directors and General Managers. Stephanie’s presentation was awesome! Our sales people were engaged, asked questions, learned about the power of B.A.N.K., and we had a few sales people who took what they learned and enrolled new members at their club, and closed event business! Our team shared with us in their survey that her presentation was one of the favorite segments of the three-day meeting. If your company is in need of a presenter who can motivate and educate your sales professionals on how to close more business, Stephanie Bonte-Lebair is the one. She can educate your team on “Why People Buy” and her B.A.N.K. system works!”

Ellen Fatigati

ClubCorp | Regional Director Private Events North Division Golf & Country Clubs

BANK™ is a game changer for every entrepreneur and sales professional. This system will strengthen your confidence, expand your selling skills, and dramatically increase your income.”

Les Brown

World Renowned Motivation Coach and Speaker, and Bestselling Author of “It’s Not Over Until You Win.”

Stephanie’s training has helped me save time and be more effective in delivering the right approach to land more sales. After I took the live training, I was able to increase my sales by 50 percent one year and attained Executive Council four times in a row.  I will certainly recommend her to anyone who is looking for growth in their business. I also made Council with my company two years in a row. I highly recommend investing in Stephanie’s communication and sales training.

Hepsie Bowman

Financial Services Professional, Maryland

I’ve been implementing speed coding with my clients this week and I’ve been having great results! My clients meetings are following more smoothly and I spending less time getting to a Yes! It’s been a great week.  So thank you for time well spent! Thank you!

Shelly Crosse

Insurance Agent, Maryland

Before I trained in the BANK methodology, I was struggling with closing sales. I treated all my clients like they were ME. Gave them too much information and too many numbers.

After I took the live training with Stephanie, I started speaking the Language of B.A.N.K. and learned how to communicate with different clients. I was able to close faster, give better presentations, and made Council with New York Life for the first time.

Behnaz Mistry

Financial Services Professional, Maryland